Rekman is a manufacturer of wooden windows and doors with very long-term experience that offers timeless, high quality and energy efficient solution of cavity barriers.


The choice of the window type depends on the architecture of the house, location and the requirements set by the Party ordering and the architect. Unfortunately quite many buildings renovated or built during the last decades, where the choice of windows has failed catch the eye in the city. Bland plastic windows have been used for of several dignified and stylish buildings, which ruin the environment of the entire building.  READ MORE


Interior doors have an important part in designing the environment of a room. There are very different ways of making interior doors- starting with the choice of whether it is a sheet or flush door, whether the door is painted or stained and varnished, whether regular hinges, concealed hinges, design hinges with tips etc. are used. There are many options and the general design and style should form the basis for making the right choice. READ MORE